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Why Do Schools Have To Be So Difficult Over Term Holidays?

Earlier this month, a parent on the Isle of Wight famously won a legal battle over his refusal to pay a £120 fine incurred for taking his child away. I was a little undecided on my opinions at the time because, while the child had reportedly kept up good attendance away from the vacation, nobody should miss out on valuable learning time. However, the word valuable is the key focus – especially when I talk about my own personal experiences.

Just recently, I’ve been trying to get the girls signed off for the last week of term. As we all know, this is a winding down period for students. Nothing of relevance is accomplished in this week, and I’ve always thought it was a little pointless. I mean, seriously, it doesn’t do anything a child’s development.

But now, the school are refusing to let us take our planned holiday to America. Now, the Lovett’s have a dilemma: miss out on a holiday because we can’t afford to go in the summer, or risk getting a fine for both absences.

I can tell you now, we’ll be going with the latter. After all, the savings would outweigh those fines.

I’m hoping that common sense will prevail. I’d never dream of taking the girls out of school during key parts of the year. But this final week is anything but crucial.I understand that opposition will say “if you let one family go away, you have to let them all” but that’s simply not true. Besides, this is a once-in-a-lifetime holiday that we want to take now whilst both girls are at primary school. Our eldest enters year six next year, so 2017 will be our final chance to make the most of this; once she’s in senior school, I will not even contemplate disrupting her education.

It’s all a little petty, even from my side. But denying a child the chance to see America has gotta be worse than denying them the chance to sit in a classroom playing word games.

Am I Right?

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