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I Bloody Hate English Weather

This past weekend was the first time this year that it’s finally felt like summer. For most people, it was a wonderful weekend of sun and fun. Not for me, though. For me, it was overtime at work. Fantastic.

After seeing the majority of Easter weekend washed out, I wasn’t overly fussed about missing this weekend at all. Then the sun decided pop out to make work feel a million times worse. Seriously, why couldn’t it have been that nice over the four-day weekend?

Typical Norman luck.

I’m now working every weekend until the May bank holiday, where I’ve booked off the Friday as well as the bank holiday. So, if you’ve got plans for that weekend, you might as well cancel them; the jinx of Norman will almost certainly strike again.

Quick rant, I know. But it’s now 3PM on Monday afternoon and I’m looking out of the office window at another nice day and cursing my luck. And I hoped that getting things off my chest would help.

It hasn’t.

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